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Advertising and optimization play a crucial role in guiding the right type of traffic and visitors to your website. We are experts in SEO, using the most current methods of optimization for the best results; more site traffic means greater visibility to your customers and in return, more sales.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

PPC (Pay per Click Advertising)

Automotive Services

In the field of selling vehicles online, New Zealand car dealers are years behind other western nations (USA, UK, Australia). However, there is a growing market for people shopping online for both new and used cars in New Zealand; statistics now show that over 84% of New Zealanders research vehicles online before buying.

In an area where many New Zealand car dealers are not competitive, Anngow Marketing can give you the leading edge into the future and keep you well ahead of your competition. We have extensive experience in the Automotive Industry and have worked with many car dealers throughout New Zealand and have consulted internationally.


Anngow Marketing also sole owners and operators of – an online directory for car dealerships across New Zealand. is continuing to expand over the coming year, so keep an eye out for the latest updates and changes.

In-Dealership Digital Review

Anngow Marketing presents to you a new and exciting product – The In-Dealership Digital Review. Is your dealership on the right track with its digital marketing and dealership processes relating to online sales? Will you be on the right track long term?

Anngow Marketing will conduct an independent in-dealership review of all your processes and marketing. The review involves reporting on strengths and weaknesses of the dealership digitally relating to new and used vehicles sales, finance and after sale processes, CRM and staffing levels.

Joel Anngow, owner and managing director of Anngow Marketing, is a leading figure in digital marketing for the automotive industry. He will personally come into your dealership and review all digital marketing processes and give an overall report on the health of your digital marketing systems. Our in-dealership review will point out short term, mid-term and long term goals for your dealership to work towards. We will also highlight areas where there is a need for staff training or changes to staffing. Our aim for the in-dealership review is to get each dealership firing on all cylinders in terms of digital marketing.

At Anngow Marketing we are firm believers in the importance of digital marketing and online vehicle sales. Our in-dealership review offers information and new ideas that are unique and tailored to the automotive industry, and our automotive experience is a key to improving dealership processes and overall sales performance.

Contact Joel Anngow today about our in-dealership review’s, competitively priced for today’s dealerships. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and take the first step to success for your dealership.

Management Reporting / Digital Marketing Consultancy

Reviewing and reporting is an essential part to monitoring the success of your dealership. Anngow Marketing offer you a reporting system, at a frequency of your choice, assessing overall digital marketing performance. This can include a competitor analysis, website performance, email mystery shopping results, recommendations and any other area you would like reviewed. To achieve the most out of these reports we recommend completion monthly, although the frequency is entirely up to you.


Anngow Marketing will use years of experience and expertise to provide your dealership with accurate and realistic recommendations to maximize performance and create ultimate customer satisfaction.

Social Media Marketing

Create content that attracts the right attention to your business. We tailor make social media experiences that actively engage and interact with your target market ad increase the visibility of your business.

Email Mystery Shopping

We provide a unique email mystery shopping service designed entirely by Anngow Marketing. This is not your standard mystery shopping experience like many other companies out there, we create a brand new mystery shopping template for each client to specifically target what your business focuses on.


We offer a dual package of the mystery shopping itself and also our recommendations. We not only monitor your businesses performance, but we will also help guide you to achieving the best practice quality responses and great overall customer service performance.

Online Vehicle Marketing is a comprehensive online sales and marketing tool for automotive dealers in New Zealand. We direct prospective buyers to our large database of cars and dealers throughout New Zealand. Get your dealership featured as a premium dealer and gain the benefits on increased exposure to your target market.


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Digital Marketing Training

In 2017 Anngow Marketing have joined with Provident Insurance to provide digital marketing training seminars for the automotive industry in New Zealand. This is an exclusive partnership covering the Finance & Insurance sector in the automotive industry.


Website Development


We offer procurement of website development services. We do this in accordance of our expert insight into online marketing, coupled with our automotive expertise. We work with third party web designers to make sure you get the website that meets your specifications and is up with industry standards and trends.