Mobile Marketing


Over recent years smart phone technology has experienced rapid development, allowing consumers to reap the benefits of what is essentially having a computer within reach at all times.

Instant information is a key component of mobile marketing. Past marketing techniques based on the notion that potential customers will need to seek out and engage in timely measures, when following up an advertisement no longer apply. To illustrate this, a television advertisement during the evening news would supply a company address and phone number. This may capture consumer interest, however does not enable their immediate intent to pursue the offer at hand. Waiting until the next day to phone or physically view the offer creates barriers that are likely to diminish the potential customer’s urgency and interest.

Another result of delayed follow up is the exposure your potential customer will have to your competitors advertisements, directed at the same target market segments. Minimizing the time frame between projecting your offer and completing the purchase is essential.

Transferring the same advertisement to a mobile application platform such as Facebook or simply redirecting the viewers of the television advertisement to the companies app, will capture potential customers during their peak interest and intent to consume.

The magnitude that instant interaction and information access have on the willingness to consume, is enforced by the low costs associated with set up and maintenance.

Projecting your companies brand and image online is a powerful tool. Being consistent across all platforms while maintaining interactive and instant content is crucial, as neglecting to update, respond and refresh the information may have an adverse effect when digitally promoting your companies image. Delegating mobile marketing maintenance duties is an essential component to successfully implement the strategy.


Considering options such as an online chat and encouragement of review, are all options to build brand appeal.

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