Automotive opportunities in New Zealand


Automotive opportunities in New Zealand


Are we doing enough to promote careers in the automotive industry?

With a range of skill shortages in New Zealand and long term competition from other industry’s for talent / recruitment. As an industry can we do more to promote the idea of a career in the automotive industry?

There are great people in the industry from apprentice technicians through to highly experience skilled senior staff. I myself had the benefit of learning a lot in the industry from my Grandfather Viv.

A career in the automotive industry can mean a lot of things including a great range of learning experiences, meeting great people and also has its fair share of challenges too all of which are exciting.

Is there an opportunity to create an industry website highlighting the opportunities and career options for those looking to enter the industry in New Zealand whether they be from another industry or just out of education.

This would cover all areas of the automotive industry like sales, parts, management not just mechanical.

It’s a great industry with great people and we can do more to promote it.



Joel Anngow

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