First mover advantage


First-mover advantage – Automotive

What does it mean to have first mover advantage in automotive?

First mover can be defined as

In marketing strategy, firstmover advantage, or FMA, is the advantage gained by the initial (“first-moving”) significant occupant of a market segment. It may be also referred to as Technological Leadership.

When it comes to digital and automotive there is a real advantage to taking new ideas and incorporating them into your digital strategy. Even minor enhancements can bring great advantage.

1.   You are seen by the customer as being innovative and understanding of how they wish to do business.

2.   You get the benefits of the advantage in real world terms. Increased sales , larger profile

3.   Competitors can be slow to react meaning you have time to put your advantage to good use. This is especially so if your advantage is more process driven.

Here at Anngow Marketing we have a range of new ideas to put you in a first mover advantage for automotive. Our ideas aren’t put out for the world to see and take advantage of they are put directly to our clients only.

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