Vehicle listings Are my vehicles being seen online?


Automotive dealers need to know the importance of having a highly visible vehicle system on their website.

I don’t just mean visible to the naked eye but visible to the search engines. This means additional ways consumers can get onto your website.

If you don’t have visible vehicle listings that are individual pages that are correctly located inside your site what are the consequences? Consumers can’t easily share those pages to places likes of Facebook for example.  Also, naturally there are a lot of other technical disadvantages that goes along with this.

For example, if you have 350 vehicles in stock but the vehicle listing system is designed in such a way that the individual pages are not visible to the search engines (the likes of google). That’s 350 potential entry points to your site that are not indexed and have no access to the search engines.

From a marketing point of view many dealerships are missing out big time in potential sales and return on investment performance.

Is your site all show and no go?

Getting these basics right is crucial to the long-term performance of your site and overall turnover of stock.

This happen's often in NZ even in 2017. This wouldn’t happen without being changed in most other countries throughout the world. Why settle for it in NZ? 


·        Anngow Marketing remains independent and have chosen not to build websites. This position gives us the opportunity to advise you on what are the criteria that is needed in your site to maximise visits and sell cars for you. 

·        Anngow Marketing can work with most website builders to oversee and make recommendations to adjust the build to avoid the all show and no go scenario.

·        Anngow Marketing specialize in the Automotive industry with seminars, online marketing help and reporting.

·        Anngow Marketing has had many years’ experience in all areas of dealerships. Sole NZ owned and operated by Joel Anngow. 

·        Anngow Marketing has consulted for dealers in NZ and the Auto industry in overseas markets. You don’t know what you don’t know. Part of being the best online marketer is learning about these things and how they can advantage or disadvantage a dealership long term.


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